1. nauc

    boycott KISS, Simmons is a complete d!ck!

  2. DirtMcGirk

    Sunday dinner?

    After a three day trip to Whistler (which even at only 1/2 open kicked my ass) and getting banned from Max Fish, I am a happy camper back in Seattle. Now its on for dinner. Steak sandwiches and home brew, home made Pico, and peaches with yogurt for a dessert. What you having for dinner?
  3. DRB

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    One of the MANY benefits of being unemployed is plenty of movie time. Excellent film.
  4. Toshi

    Toshi's thread

    Rather than take up space on DH/DS, I'm going to set up camp here. Now that I have a digital camera, the pics will be flowing in constantly, and I'll post links to their index pages on my website. Update-the-latest: both my old old domain name (tjclark.ath.cx) and my new old domain name...