yup still gay

  1. jimmydean

    Consumer Reports: iPhone 4 = FAIL

    Why Consumer Reports can't recommend iPhone 4 :rofl: Duct tape WILL fix anything.
  2. Leppah


    So, it looks like Fedor finally lost tonight. Fabricio triangle choked his arse. Crazy. Eh, it was bound to happen some time. He had an incredible record. 31 wins, 1 no contest, now 1 loss. He probably had a huge amount of stress that just got lifted. No more pressure now. If he doesn't...
  3. TN

    The I am not watching the Superbowl thread

    One always gets started, so why not now? We are not too cool (just the opposite), or too whatever....just not interested. Hopefully we will be skiing on empty trails on super sunday. :banana: Who else is skipping out on the big game?