1. MMike

    Is it eric strt6 that makes a big deal....

    .....about BBQ-ing when it's .....ahem..."cold"?
  2. B

    amazing joke

    It's true and it happened to my friend Well heres the joke.......... You fell for it So do you know how people say canadiens live in igloos and ride moose well a American was in fuiji with my friend and a austrailin American: do you ride kangaroos in austrailia Austrarilin:do...
  3. MMike

    I leave for Anaheim on FFriday

    Heli-Expo 2009! http://www.heliexpo.com/ You may recall my adventures in Houston from last year http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/showthread.php?t=196148 Well here we go again. 5 days of free food and booze....and being trapped in a convention hall. Will somehow have to get to...