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Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
I would have though that you weren't this naive. Ah, well...
He's going to have to call his boss--who is in law enforcement like him, remember?--in front of you and show you that he's wrong.

1/4 joking



Hey baby, want a hot dog?
Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
editing & prepping for a shoot at the range next week. Get to film some AR's blasting shit.

plans for a hike later my be impeded by rain. if rain, then darts at Upslope.


Turbo Monkey
Apr 5, 2008
Realized that my last bit of Stan's has dried in. As here the next days are holidays I can't mail order it from the UK or Germany (better price). OK, well, I bite the bullet and buy it overpriced locally I thought. Called all the "reputable" bike shops in town, nobody had Stan's or something similar in stock. Most claimed that they are not even sure they can order it. One shop that moves quite a bunch of high end Cannondale XC bikes said they only have one jug for the workshop. WTF? That converts max 15 wheels tubeless. Don't tell me you don't have a spare jug somewhere.

Best was this one shop that I rang though.
Me: Hi, do you have Stan's Race Sealant?
Shop: No, we don't carry this bike brand.
Me: Ehem, it is not a bike brand, it is tubeless tire sealant.
Shop: Oh, you want to buy a tubeless tire? We have those.
Me: No, I just want the sealant.
Shop: Do you have a product number?
Me: No, because your homepage only shows kids bikes and e-bikes and no spare parts and such.
Shop: So what do you want then?
Me: This liquid latex sealant to put into tubeless tires.
Shop: Oh, you want a latex tube!
Me: Why would I want to put a latex tube inside a tubeless tire?
Shop: So it holds the air.
Me: Thank you, I don't think you have what I am looking for.

There are more bike shops in this country than Starbucks in the US but finding a good one is impossible. For years I followed the one guy who was shop manager at different shops in town. Wherever he worked I shopped. He sadly now has realized that with his skills he can earn way more in a normal job and has given up working in the bike industry.