02 Dorado rebuild


Aug 27, 2004
Hey so it's time again to get my dorado rebuilt, but when I went to my shop to ask them the price, I was told the 02 internals are no longer available from manitou. So now I am curious about my options. I am cosidering going all out and getting it custom tuned. Are there tuners out there that wil do this for me? I know fox products can get done by PUSH, and boxxers can get done by a plethora of tuners, but I haven't heard of a company that tunes manitous. I am no hucker and am all about racing, so I'm looking for the smoothest and lightest ride possible. Any ideas for me?


Git yer dumb questions here
Feb 19, 2003
I'd call maintou and ask about the internals. They have to have some left as they still have riders out there on Dorados. If not I'd try Go-ride.com and ask them. They might know where to get some.

I know you can change the seals to something else (makes it open bath?) I think or something similar. I remember reading though it required more work more often. Other than that I dunno much you can do besides changing springs and such. Dorado's were pretty sick forks to begin with.