04 Stinky Dee-Lux


Mar 31, 2004
Marblehead MA
I had a guy who was trying to sell me a mint 2004 Kona stinky deelux for 850 usd. I called ups and 2 people said i would be able to check the bike was there before the money was given to the guy, so i was about to give him the money and my dad called agian and the guys said that the service he was talking about didnt exist. I know it was definetly too good to be true, but the guy said that it was his friends who gave it too him because he was moving to Africa for work, so i figured he didnt know that much about bikes. Anyway, the guys name was Davis Ciucurica <davisciucurica@yahoo.es> and he refused to do it through an escrow service when i asked him. One of the pictures he gave me had a specialized bikes truck in the backround and i thought that was kind of fishy, but my dreams got a hold of me. But....i was really pissed:angry: :angry: :mad: