05 bighit spec?

Jan 18, 2005
Tiverton, RI
wasnt getting any responses in the dh forum so i thought i'd askyou guys

im thinking about getting one i need a mild freeride bike and 5.5 inches of travel seems like itll be enough for me and what i have to ride. is it worth the money? i already have mag30 wheels ill end up putting on it and will change the fork as soon as i get money for it. what else should i change im 5'11 205 pounds and ill be freeriding and the occasional xc ride. if not, then any other suggenstions for the same price or close to would like it to have at least 6 or so inches of travel. rather buy new but if a goosd used deal comes around when i have the money ill take it. im only 16 and will be getting a job soon and selling my snowboard and a bunch of other stuff to save for the bike.

thanks in advance
Feb 14, 2004
5.5-6 is more of the all mountian range. Try an Enduro. Sounds like it'd be perfect for what you wanna do.

Big Hit's are pigs. I have one. Good bike for the money though.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 15, 2003
Cape Cod, MA
at 205 pounds, avoid it altogether. i have seen 3 swingarms crack OFF at one side of the pivot, on 3 different bikes, two different model years.