05 Boxxer Race- what is the maximum oil viscosity?

Discussion in 'The Shop' started by Daver, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Jun 1, 2005
    I've been running Boxxer Races for the last few months (after running Dorados and 40s) and i am pretty disappointed with the performance. I have the rebound on full slow and it still feels stupidly fast, and i'm running the stock 10 WT fluid as per Rockshox' recommendations (205CC right, 190CC left). I decided to change it tonight to slow it down, so i emptied and cleaned it and filled it up with Maxima 15WT fluid at the set amount (205/190). Now my forks feel super slow, even with the rebound adjusted full fast. Should i empty it and try mixing the 10 and 15 WT fluids to get somewhere in the middle, or is there something i am missing out?

    Is the 15WT too thick- will it cause any damage if i go out and test thrash it?
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  2. S.K.C.

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    Feb 28, 2005
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    15wt is definitely too thick for a Boxxer. I weigh 170 lbs. and was running Golden Spectro 7.5 wt. in the compression side, and 2.5 wt. in the rebound side. Since you have a Race, which has no compression assembly try running 7.5 wt in both legs and then go from there.

    You won't damage the internals since there are no shim stacks in the 05', but you may blow a seal.

    In order to get better performance out of Boxxers - and this is due to their out-dated design - you have to replace the seals on the damn things like once every 3 months of riding.

    When I say seals, I am referring to the little O-rings that go on the damping rods toward the bottom of the fork, as well as the dust wiper seals, and the round spring-type metal bands that go around the tops of them. Try doing this and you should have more of a stable pressure inside your fork making the rebound adjustments more effective.
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  3. ZachTheMech

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    you do realise you just told him to use a lighter oil then hes already using, and with 10wt there rebounding to fast so with 7.5 its gonna be even faster.

    Better question prolly is whats your weight. and you could also try 10 in one 15 in the other. I wouldnt say 15 is to heavy specially if you were a 180+ lbs rider. the thing is tho, when you go up in oil wieght its gonna effect compression too not just rebound. you can also download the manual off Sram/Rockshox website and get the info you need, those fork s are very simple to mess with. Link here Boxxer manual Linky Scroll down to the 05 boxxer user manual for English or whatever language you prefer. Scroll down further and there is the 2003-2004 ( 2005) Boxxer Service Guide as well which incedently stats the Boxxer race uses 190cc in both legs and comes with 5 wt. So reading that..... are you positiove 10 wt is what came out of them?( not saying 205 is wrong, just sayin what there service guide says off there site, we all know infolike that can change slightly. )

    Also What springs do you have, are they the ones recommended for your wieght? are they to soft or to stiff?

    Good luck with it, Later
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