07 rc2x

jonny dh

Oct 26, 2007
under my feet
I just got this bad boy but not sure where to start on tunning it in,I first want to get the oil changed and to the right levels thats question #1
second question is how much air in the legs?I weigh 165 with gear on and the fork is mounted on a 06 7.3 I ride FR and DH
third question where to begin on dialing it in?
and yes I have search the forum for these types of questions but find only what I don't need to know,the thread gets diverted and makes it not worth while to read anymore so I'm starting my own thread and hope it gets straight answers (please) so that others may read this without the long and never ending story of some dude and some stick randomly hit him in the face while trying to hit on some hottie.