08 Boxxer Team help needed.


Oct 1, 2007
My Boxxer Team doesn’t seem to get full travel, so I looked around the forum and found out that I should burp the lowers, but with the Team having a spring are you just supposed to burp the MoCo leg? Is there an opening in the spring leg so air can travel between the lowers and the spring cartridge, if so there’s no use opening the top letting the spring out and burping the leg.. air would be sucked in again into the lowers when extending the fork and closing the spring leg... Am I right or just way off? :huh:


Jul 28, 2008
Just pop the spring out of the fork first, replace the cap and do the burping procedure. On the Team the burping is required on the MoCo side, on the WC both sides.

Unscrew the bottom bolt on the MoCo side with the fork inverted and give it a tap with a mallet or equivalent to get the small stanchion loosened from the lowers.

Compress the fork with the bolt pressed into the lowers and tighten it when the fork is in full compression.

If this does not help, it may be time to check the oil level in the MoCo leg and see to it that you don't run too many preload spacers on the spring side.

This may also be a good time to service the outers (new oil and a cleaning and greasing of the seals).