10 Epic Days in Peru !

Aug 17, 2009
Peru, South America
Peru is one of those mega-diverse countries in the world where you can find almost all climates (84 of 114 in all the planet), most of the flora and fauna is here, we have coast, a long dessert, the longest mountain range in the world, jungle, the biggest river in the world, the best food and of course we also have the best biking too! We had many different ancient civilizations that settled in our country and since more than 10,000 years ago, people started building trails to move through the steep and dangerous Andes Mountains. The Inca were the last ancient civilization that developed more than 20,000Km of trails all over the country. Nowadays we are searching for these amazing trails and finding some great riding that we never thought it will be possible to ride.
A couple of weeks ago, our friend Raphael from Sao Paulo, Brazil came with 5 of his best friends (Tader, Lucas, Daniel, Raphael & Juliano) who are also fast shredders and they were looking for a big Enduro trip! Well, for us it was not hard to setup this idea, on the other hand, we were super stoked to hear that and we just developed to what it should be the most epic Enduro Trip. And the numbers don't lie! We rode over 20 different trails, more than 200Km and a total accumulated descent of 21,500m.
Here is the recap of this trip on photos & videos: