1st Annual Winter Games & Bike BBQ presented by TBAG & Bike Saviours


Jul 30, 2008
At 12pm on 12/12 show up on bicycle to Daley Park in Tempe (On College between Broadway & Apache).

Tempe Bicycle Action Group (TBAG) and Bike Saviours (BS) will be hosting the first annual Winter Games and Bike BBQ. Burgers and dogs will be grilled on-site and a keg (of beer) will be present. There will be Tallbike Jousting, The Huffy Toss (think discus with a bike), Tricycle Races and other fun games including non bike related games like horseshoes, croquet, bocce, etc.

We will also be raffling off a matched pair of 70's Peugeot bicycles that are in pristine condition.

Feel free to bring your own beer (no wine or liquor) in CANS OR PLASTIC ONLY.

RSVP is not necessary but if you're on Facebook please add yourself to the event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=332942690410&index=1
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