1st post. 05 shiver dc HElp


Aug 24, 2005

My bike's stackheight including the headset is 152mm. Would i be able to fit a 05 shiver dc onto it? Currently running a 04 boxxer.
I am confused with the 05 shiver pdf i downloaded from marz webby, within it, it states STEER TUBE MAX:

Shiver DC (with standard upper crown)=145mm
Shiver DC (with High Upper crown)=163mm

Does the 05 dc shiver have 2 different crown??!!



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Feb 19, 2003
I think there's a drop and a flat crown for the shiver. It's not as dropped as say a boxxers but it's got a drop to it.

If it's got the full length uncut steer tube you could fit it on anything. If it's been cut down (the steer tube) then that's where your problems are. You just need to see what how long the steer tube is, forget all this MAX steer tube stuff.

I have a 02 Shiver DC, Intense M1 (headtube is large), FSA PIG DH Pro headset, and I have to run atleast 30mm of spacers running the bolt on crown. You can get away with less steer tube if you run the bolt on crown. If you run a regular stem then that's where you'll need to make sure you got enough room.


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Nov 29, 2001
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If the fork is unused than Marz may trade stems with you. I think that if you call up and give them your serial # and a cc# as a deposit that they will send you out a drop crown right away. Its a tall enough fork that I would recomend the direct-mount stem. Its lower porfile than a trad stem and much stiffer.