2 days of riding in Santa Cruz (picures!)

Total Heckler

Beer and Bike Enthusiast
Apr 28, 2005
Santa Cruz, CA
Here are some pictures from some local trails this weekend (photos by Beau aka scvw79 aka Bruce):

Here is the only shot of Beau I could manage to get (I should stick to video...):

Here is me hitting the big double on sweet set for the second time ever:

Here is one of Todd hitting the trail gab and putting in a little style:

Here is Scott hitting the drop off at the end of the trail:

More photos:
http://www.shovelbeating.org/~josh/me/Mountain biking photos/UCSC sat-sun 10.01.05-10.02.05/

Such a great weekend of riding. =]


Sep 9, 2005
Aptos, CA
hahah, me too...even if the wait time is dropping...gotta switch to platforms for some of those drops, clipins hurt me on the big jumps...glad you (Todd, Scott, Lindsey, and Ryan) could join this weekend...i had a great time...