2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back


Turbo Monkey
or should i say "off to the side"???

i went for a ride today.

i had a great accomplishment in that i finally rode down that first descent when entering the woods. the one that my son out rode me on Saturday. :redface: but of course...while popping onto a bridge that i've done (and he and i have done) a ton of times now...i missed it today. ugh. i don't know...i'm really thinking about some armor. today hurts. i missed and went crashing off the side. i got wedged in between the rail of the wood bride and a tree on the side. i just missed going all the way over which would have been a 5ft drop maybe. my left crease between arm and forearm was riddled immediately with tiny purple patches. i'm sure in the next couple of days it should start purding up. my right elbow...which is still purple from last saturday's ride, is now purple and black. and currently a nice sized bruise is developing on my shin. of course this had to happen early on in the ride...so i kept going.

i went on this new path that is more technical. there were a ton of logs...like combined logs that you have to roll over. i had to walk. it was a bit of a rollercoaster path with the ups and downs...lots of clusters of rocks and logs. i even went over a mini boulder that was in the middle of the path.

some new shots (sorry for the blur on that one...but you can get the idea)

that was fun...

and then off on the main path is a hugh hill and you can see that someone's been through compressing stuff. and it looks fun. it's really steep...but it looks clean without any obstacles. so i wanted to try that today. i climbed up. that was a joke. when you get to the top it's almost impossible to keep pushing the bike while you're sliding on dirt and leaves. so i had to cut through a diagonal to get up to the top of this thing. of course once up there i looked down and seeing i had already crashed...i figured today was not the day i was gonna try that. what a pip in trying to get back down. i went along the ridge to see where the path would go...but it didn't really seem to lead anywhere interesting and so i headed down a bit aways from where i climbed...a section that had little plateaus i could get my footing on.

some shots of that. i hate that pics never show how steep something is.

good ride. but d*mn i'm getting beat up pretty bad. (i think i may hit the gym this week and not the trail) :huh: