20 mm to 15 mm hub conversion...


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May 13, 2005
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So I buy a set of wheels on Fleabay...ad says 15 mm thru axle. Get them in record time, but the thru axle is 20 mm. Big PITA to return them, got a good deal so I think convert it. How does one go about converting a 20 mm Mavic CrossMax ST to a 15 mm? Doable, right?


Jan 7, 2007
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uh, no. isnt the 20mm standard 110mm wide? and the 15mm standard is 100mm wide.

you could use a sleeve that has a wall thickness of 2.5mm, but you would have to cut your endcaps each by 5mm, and you would have to be pretty damn precise to get a right cut. (right meaning plane, and 90 degrees to the axis of the axle)

edit: i be trippin. read too fast, and skipped the part about the wheels being crossmax's looks like that risse product is what you want
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