2005 season, looking back...

Well I was going through some old shots and thought I would post em' up for all to see, hopefully thats cool. Since I my last ride was the first Beacon race..this is what I have done all season ...

Nick Tuttle

Boe McGhee

Travis Erickson

Travis again

kid at the skate park,

Chris Duncan

Chris Van Dine

John Cowan at Softies

Sorry DAIL UPERS!! :eek: :love:
it took way longer than all summer...lol j/k I didnt want to flood the website, I think I took around 16 gigs of pictures and 5 rolls of film. :D

I have more I can load em up later! muahahaha!
and I got my new job, its official..I know will work fo rbest buy in Bellevue warshington! Computer sales...and sweet ass deals!


Mar 27, 2004
Great pics Cory!! Dont feel bad about not riding this summer. You got to ride more than me this year. A new house and two jobs takes all my play time. :help:


bikey's is cool
Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
awesome stuff man! Photography is definately a fun hobby, i'm hoping your 2006 season when you're fully healed will be as awesome as this year was for me!