2006 World Cup Update.....

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Turbo Monkey
May 9, 2004
Clear as mud.

"- Tomorrow at 10 am, the UCI will hold an information session for teams, federations and the press to discuss plans for the 2006 season. There has been a lot of confusion of late - the UCI had announced earlier that an organization headed by Martin Whitely and the Gestev group would take over the World Cup next season, however, the two sides never finalized an agreement. At one point, the UCI then informed national federations that they would block off 30 dates for UCI level events (a la ProTour), but appear to have backed off that idea. So, at this point there is no clear idea of what the schedule will look like for next season. Hopefully, tomorrow's meeting will clear up the confusion. "


Turbo Monkey
Sep 23, 2001
Santiago du Chili
we did not say what we did say we were going to say because someone else said what they said and then we will say some more so that nobody understands what will be going on.


Sep 21, 2004
what a ****!!

the mainly reason is... they need money!!$$$$

me too!!!

if they find a sponsor... they will make a complete season full of events!

if they don´t get money they will put in other hands!!