2008 888RC3 Internals swap to 2009 888 RCV

Mar 15, 2010
Hello people, I was wondering If anyone of you cold help me or contact me with someone tha can. A friend of a friend of mine broke his 2008 888RC3 at the arc, he got himslef an used 2009 888 RC3WC and I was thinking to swap the RC3 internals to my 2009 888 RCV. The lowers seem to be the same, but I technically dont know in the parts would make a match in the RCV lowers. having the 2 forks at the same time is not an option because I dont know the guy well, so I'll buy the internals from him if they do match. I've already searched forums, google and whatever else I could think of. Thanks to everyone!

Writing from Venezuela!