2008 Manitou Travis intrensic air single (180mm) problems


Sep 3, 2010
North Carolina
I have a 2008 Manitou Travis on a 2008 transition bottlerocket. I bought the bike new from a guy who claimed to have the fork serviced regularly. After further inspection it appears that the air dampening system is blown out (self diagnosis). The fork will bottom out off of a 3 foot drop, and becomes extremely unreliable for stability in places fast, or extremely rough. Any suggestions on repairs? I figured I would tear the fork down and see what the internals look like, but would like to get some additional advice and diagnosis first.

- I tried to add air to the fork with the Manitou adapter and fork pump but could not get any air to go into the fork.

- Dampening knob on top right side has no effect from - to +
- Rebound adjustment still works

- suggestions on where to find parts, and are there any aftermarket parts that perform or last longer than factory parts?


Mr Jones

Turbo Monkey
Nov 12, 2007
That fork has an internal dampening/compression cartridge. It is completely independent of the air spring. Contact Answer/Manitou to see if they still have cartridges for sale. Swapping the cartridge is very easy and should only take a few minutes and minimal tools.

Worst case is if you have a blown airspring assembly. If you do, you'll have to send it to them for service.
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