2008 "Spring on the Mountain" Group Rides


Sep 15, 2006
East Bay

Once again, we're gearing up for the Spring on the Mountain series of group rides. These rides have been well organized and in great numbers for the last few years by Save Mount Diablo and Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay - and mountain bikers like YOU!

As it is early in the season, we're looking to plan the group rides now and need volunteers to lead the various rides. SMD is interested in rides in the greater Mount Diablo area parks:

If you are interested in leading a ride during a weekend between March 15 and June 15 in one (or more) of the parks shown on this map, then please contact me for more information.

For ideas and past information, check these previous MTBR threads:

Hope to see you there!

For each ride, I need:
1) Date
2) Time (Meeting and Ride Start)
3) Meeting Place
4) Approximate route and/or a description of the ride
5) Approximate expected distance and finish time
6) Technical, Strenuousity and Overall (T/S/O) ratings from 1-10
7) contact information for people to RSVP for rides.

Rules to keep in mind:
Ride leaders are required to be paid BTCEB members (for insurance purposes).
A waiver will be filled out and signed by all participants. I will provide you with a waiver, either by hyperlink or hardcopy. This is critical!!!
Please keep the route to legal trails and to the parks shown on the SMD map.
Riders are required to wear helmets throughout the ride.

Starting last fall we publish a year round event schedule online. This means:

* You can submit your event anytime
* We can update listed events at anytime
* We can provide links to your organization's website/ hike schedule
* We will have maps, meeting point places hike rosters online for you to view and print

We encourage outings in less heavily used parts of Mount Diablo State Park, as well as in neighboring parks such as Los Vaqueros, Black Diamond Mines, Morgan Territory, Round Valley, Lime Ridge, etc.

When you join BTCEB, you are joining a member club of IMBA, the International Mountain Bike Association, helping build a brighter future for mountain bike enthusiasts everywhere!