2008 Talas R vs. RC2?


Apr 3, 2002
Ottawa, Ontario
I'm looking at picking up a 2008 talas. I'd love to get the RC2 but can get a pretty good deal on an R. How is the stock compression damping on the R? I don't play around too much with my compression, usually just set it and forget it. Will I be happy with the R or wish that I'd gottent the RC2?

It's replacing an old 5" z1. I've pretty much always ridden marzocchi's and love the way they're soft for the little stuff but ramp up for the big hits...but I want to try out the fox. Am I going to be able to set up the R the way I like it, or will it blow through it's travel the way the older models do (from what I've read). I hate forks that constantly bottom.


fork ways
Jul 31, 2007
get the rc2 - for the same price, what happens when you find out you don't like the stock compression settings in the r.