2009 KHS Velvet on sale for $1,549!

KHS Bicycles

Jun 20, 2010
Hey everyone!

We at KHS Canada just wanted to let you know we've got a great deal on our 2009 Velvet Bikes.

Currently they are on sale for $1,549 at Canadian dealers, down from the regular of $2,600!

Just head on out to your local dealer and give it a ride!

Ontario - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/ontariodealers.html
Quebec - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/québecdealers.html
BC - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/britishcolumbiadealers.html
Alberta - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/albertadealers.html
Saskatchewan - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/saskatchewandealers.html
East Coast - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/eastcoastdealers.html
Manitoba - http://khscanada.com/khsdealers/manitobadealers.html

We'll do our best to let you know of any other deals here. Also, don't hesitate to post up any questions you have for us and the rest of the KHS team!