2010 Jerseys and Members


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Feb 21, 2008
Finally getting a minute to sit down and start to design the new TFK 2010 race jerseys. Sublaminated fabrics are so 2009. We're getting back to our dirtbag roots. Dickies work jerseys.

So if you want to join up, now is the time. I am going to send out the order for the new jerseys as of the 5th of May. Drop me a PM, become a part of the hardest working bunch of slackers and dirt bags you're ever going to meet.

Right now we're strong in:
Gravity East
North Carolina

We're always looking for prospects and new members in new places. We've got access to a good network of sponsors who give great "bro deals" on stuff you'll need, the website goes live sometime next month, and we're a hell of a lot of fun to do dumb things with.

Drop me a line.
Also, check us out over on FB. Team Fat Kids.

And don't forget about the Women of Team Fat Kids. They're our loyal cheer leaders and entertainment.

See you in the dirt.