2010 Norco Team DH?

Mar 27, 2010
I have an opportunity to ride a Norco Team Dh this year and was wondering if any of you have any experience on one. How do they ride? Quick? Sluggish? A good race bike?

Norco has a reputation for making heavy bikes and it seems like the cool thing to do to hate on them. But that's not what I want to do. I'm currently riding a 2007 Supreme DH, and love the way it handles, but like all good race horses it will soon need to be put down. What do you guys think?



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Sep 7, 2001
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You;re riding a Supreme DH (which actually is heavy) and have the chance to ride a norco (which is not heavy). Weight should not be a concern. :)

Check the fit if you can. They are tight in the TT sometimes.


Aug 22, 2004
Bromont, Quebec
I have ridden a norco team dh in 2009 and I will ride a 2010 this season. I rode lots of bikes (m6, 951, turner, devinci, v10 etc.) and I can say that while it's not the best, it's a VERY nice bike. Geo is spot on for me (low & slack) and the very low COG is a big plus. It flexes a bit but nothing like a devinci. Unfortunately, the 2010 lacks the travel adjustment and you only have the 9 inches mode wich IS sluggish but I got them to ship my 2010 bike with a 2009 linkage so I can ride it at 8" (much more lively while staying plush) so maybe they can do it if you ask.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, english is my second language but I'll try my best to give the info needed.


Jan 10, 2006
Looks like a nice rig there Greg. It looks like a longer travel Shore.......Ryan cracked 2 of those pretty easy in the past 2 years. That would be my only concern. Other then that the geo is good and the build looks good.


Mar 20, 2007
Been riding an 09 for a while - geo of '10 is pretty similar.

They ride nicely: the large is looong, and it's pretty slack -<64-ish degrees (I forget) + 3 inches of sag - and the bars can be set as low as anything else with encourages an aggressive over the front riding style. FSR suspension goes up and down without much fuss.

Durability of the front triangle has been the problem I've had with it - hopefully that's been sorted for 2010.

The 2010 model looks less fugly too...


Feb 14, 2007
iv been riding a session 88 all winter, and just a few months ago got to do a back to back downhill run on a friends 2010 Team DH. Ill say it felt a bit less snappy, but that may have just been the vivid shock. soaked up the small bumbs better but just felt a bit more "dead" in the corners compared to my session. angles are about the same and felt awesome. i was really impressed from a company who for a long time as tried to make a race bike. i believe they have. if i got a chance to ride one for...free...id ride one. the only problem i found with the bike was the overall feel was not as alive as i was hoping, but like i stated earlier it may have just been the shock or the way it was set up (spring rate was good for me though) id like to see norco take it a bit further and do some more with the wheel path and maybe do something about the lack of adjustability. i would seriously consider this bike a a race bike.


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Jun 22, 2009
I know that videos of sponsored riders never actually helps decisions at all, but who can really complain about a video of Ben Reid slaying berms?
Mar 27, 2010
Thanks for the feedback guys. After reading more about the bike, I think I would be silly to turn down the opportunity. I'm gonna go for it.