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Jun 26, 2009

Formula One paint jobs were the name of the game for the display models of the M9; various other frames from the Californian manufacturer were also worth a gander, including the 951 and Tazer.

The M9 is a big, burly bicycle. It's meant to take on courses like Champery without trouble. That said, it's also very adjustable and versatile thanks to features such as the shock mount inserts.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the F1 colors will not be a production option. This is custom vinyl that cost around 1000 dollars per bike, so it's not out of reach if you really want it...

This paint job is also not a production run.

The inserts in the rear shock mounts flip so as to allow the bike several options in respect to travel. From 8.5, to 9 and finally 9.5", the M9 will work in any race situation.

The M9 also comes with Cane Creek's angleset headset, which is designed to offer adjustments by .5, 1.0 and 1.5 degrees.

The Tazer is back again as Intense's hardtail for dual slalom or dirt jumping.

Production paint...

The 951 is still sticking around despite the M9s presence; consider it the bike of choice for smoother courses and to offer riders a choice between the two.

The unripe avocado green paint will be the production colors for the 2011 951.

2011 brings big things for Intense in the form of the M9; the bike was piloted to some great results in this year's World Cup series, so it has officially been race proven by the world's best. Think it will be good enough for you?