2011 Izimu XPI Pivot tech document


Jul 29, 2010
I bought a new 2011 Izimu this past winter. This weekend curiousity got the best of me - and I took the XPI pivot apart. I know I should have checked for a tech service document online first - but I didn't, and now am not sure I put it back together accurately!

There is a washer/spacer between the swingarm and frame on each side. They are recessed and angled, and I am not sure I put them in right! And the XPI pivot is two peices that goes through the frame, and 'link' together. Not sure I put them back together correctly as well...

HA. Everything seems to be tight and working correctly, just wish I had of checked for a document showing correct setup before taking it apart.

Anyone have a tech document for this XPI eccentric pivot, or experience taking it apart?