2011 SRAM shifter rebuild pics

Mar 8, 2015
as a continuation of the excellent thread for 2008 models:

I present some pics for my 2011 SJ repair...

Note that one main issue, besides dirt and old grease that got sticky, was that the small spring that wraps around the lever pivot was weak. I tweaked it to open it up and provide more return force again.

Without the orange (front) plastic bit:

An important difference from 2008 is that the long lever is inserted through the body, not up from below like 2008. The spring end is inserted in the square hole like 2008, then just dropped in like this. The long end is then wrapped around 180 degrees to the small hole and channel near the top of the pic.

Note the new "keeper" tab for the spring:

This below is NOT how the pivot spring goes - it would interfere with the pawl action. The small spring's end goes under the pawl spring:

Ray - http://rjs.org/