2012 Downhill World Championships

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Team Monster Specialized rolled into Leogang, Austria this past week for World Championships and walked away with Sam Hill (AUS) taking home 5th place. Mitch Ropelato pedalled to 31st place, a great result for the relatively inexperienced racer from America. Young Troy Brosnan (AUS) made his return to racing on the same track that took him out for most of the season earlier this year but things didn't go quite as planned. Brosnan slid out in the 3rd corner on the track and went off of a small embankment, hitting the ground and dislocating his still healing shoulder.</p><p>
The track in Leogang had been greatly reduced in technical difficulty in the lead up to the world championships. It was widened, smoothed out and technical parts had been chainsawed out of existence. As the week went on and the rain fell however, the track became rougher and rougher as the roots and holes developed after a few hundred runs in the wet.</p><p>
It has been somewhat of a rebuilding year for the 5 time World Champion after having spent the last 2 years recovering from major injuries. He has been getting faster at every round, and has been growing as a racer with each week. "I am happy with how the week went. It wasn't exactly the result I was looking for, but i'm getting my speed back and am looking forward to racing at a new venue in 2 weeks in Norway. " said Hill. </p><p>
Ropelato was happy with his result, and of the opportunity he had received this season. "31st isn't bad. I was only 10 seconds off 1st, and on this track that is pretty good. I've been lucky to have this opportunity this season to ride and train with Sam and it's made a huge difference. I just wanted to say thanks to Monster and Specialized for bringing me on board and letting me get some international racing experience." The Utah native now heads home after a full season of racing to rest up for next year.</p><p>
For Brosnan, it's been a rough year with a fantastic start to the season and then a fairly serious injury at the IXS cup in early May when he ruptured his spleen and dislocated his shoulder while training. Luckily, Troy is young, focused and ready to do whatever it takes to get back into World Cup podium shape for the 2013 season. "I'm pretty disappointed in this season really. I had a great result in Africa and then it all went wrong last time we were here. I was hoping to come back and do well this week, but it just wasn't my week. I'm going to go home and have my shoulder repaired, and I'll be back strong and ready to get onto the podium next season."</p><p>
The team now heads to a brand new World Cup venue in Hafjell, Norway for World Cup finals after a brief stop in Innsbruck, Austria for the Nordkette Pro Invitational event.</p>