2012 World Champs - the coolest pic no one has posted


Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
Coolest world champs pic and its Hill holding a baby...when did ridemonkey get so girly?

The cool pics of the champs are on vital if anyone cares. Carry on watching babys or twilight or what ever it is you lot do.
Haha - LoL

Ahhhh internetz.

That was kind of my point: There are TONS of pics of riders ripping on bikes at the WC's but very few of the quiet moments in the pits and even fewer good shots of riders having a personal and human moment. It's a nice bit of variety to have a few shots like this. If it's a good pic, it can be endearing or inspriational and show a side of a race personality that is rarely seen.

The broader your experiences are in life, the more these kinds of things are appreciated.

OR - to put it another way:

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