2013 Canfield Brothers Jedis Have Arrived!


Sep 19, 2005
Bellingham, WA
2013 Canfield Brothers Jedi MTBR.jpg
Our new Jedis have just landed. The 2013’s feature a sleek new cnc’d upper link, which allowed us to anodize the links and give the Jedi’s a fresh new look.

2013 frames colors are Ano Black with polished graphics and Ano Silver. The new anodized link options are Black, Silver, Red and Blue. We also have 3 limited link colors - Powder Coated Turquoise, Ano Green and Ano Orange.

In addition, we are stoked to announce our new partnership with Cane Creek. Not only are our 2013 Jedi’s going to include a Double Barrel, but they will ship preset to our preferred settings. Cane Creek is also packaging our shocks with Base Tune Cards so you will always have these settings as a reference.

The Double Barrels and the new MRP G3’s will be arriving later this week and we will begin shipping our pre-orders after the weekend. If you have been waiting place your 2013 Jedi order, now is your time!

Please call 801-548-2556 or email us at sales@canfieldbrothers.com for more details.
2013 Canfield Brothers Jedi Silver Links.jpg


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May 23, 2002
borcester rhymes
for all the complication, it looks really clean. Was the 1.5 headtube new in 2012? I remember the earlier ones being 1.125.

ak pura vida

Oct 3, 2012
mine showed up today! get back from vacation and it is christmas in february! got to love it. i went with the silver anno with red links. i also picked up a set of red peddles and my red bars should look good too! can't wait to start building her up. going to be fun... i'll be sure to make everyone suffer with having to look and read another "my new bike build" thread. :)



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Sep 5, 2008
Just some advice M-P, it is best to rotate that idler roller clockwise from where you have it so the upper bolt on the pully is 'pointing' directly at the pivot attached to the frame. Looks like you are at about 11 o'clock and it should be more like 1 o'clock.

Beautiful build man, looks all Murdery
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Jun 1, 2009
Atlanta, GA
You scuffing it up at Windrock this weekend MP? Only 2k feet of elevation and 10 minute run, but the racing isn't the best part. ;)
Yep, I'll be at Windrock both Saturday and Sunday...driving to Asheville after work tonight.

Aenema...that is how the idler pulley came from Canfield...I'll look into it though.