2013 East Coast DH schedule


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Aug 2, 2008
Im over here now
as always, ill try and compile all the schedules from the multiple east coast DH series.
please let me know if you need any changes done or have any updates.

Gravity East:

May 4-5: Duryea Downhill, Reading, PA
June 1-2: Mountain Creek Bike Park, Vernon, NJ
June 29-30: Windham Mountain, Windham, NY
July 13-14: Swain Resort, Swain, NY
July 27-28: Oak Mountain, Speculator, NY
August 17-18: Blue Mountain, Palmerton, PA
Dates TBA: Seven Springs Resort, Seven Springs, PA

Eastern States Cup

October 5-6: Jiminy Peak


Mar 15, 2011
Hey lets keep this thread going:

2013 Eastern States Cup
ESC DH #1 | May 19 - Mountain Creek, NJ
ESC DH #2 | May 26 - Plattekill, NY
ESC DH #3 | June 9 - Pat's Peak
ESC DH #4 | June 16 - Sugarbush, VT
ESC DH #5 | June 23 - Mount Snow, VT
ESC DH #6 | July 7 - Plattekill, NY
ESC DH #7 | Aug 11 - Killington, VT
ESC DH #8 | Sept 1 - Plattekill, NY
ESC DH #9 | Sept 15 - Attitash, NH
ESC DH #10 | Sept 22 - Sunday River, ME
ESC DH #11 | Oct 6 - Jiminy Peak, MA
ESC DH Final | Oct 13 - Plattekill, NY

Enduro and Super D:
ESC Enduro #1 | July 6 - Plattekill, NY
ESC Enduro #2 | July 14 - Attitash, NH
ESC Enduro #3 | July 28 - Killington, VT
ESC Enduro #4 | Aug 4 - Sunday River, ME
ESC Enduro #5 | Aug 25 - Killington, VT
ESC SuperD #1 | May 25 - Plattekill, NY
ESC SuperD #2 | July 5 - Plattekill, NY


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* Massanutten - April 27th <EDIT - race has been cancelled>

* Snow Shoe Race Series Dates -

June 8th-9th Round 1
July 27th-28th Round 2
September 14th-15th Round 3

Cholumunga Challenge

August 24th

* Beech Mountain sounds like they will have 3 or maybe 4 events as well.
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Jul 18, 2005
Any chance on getting this thread 'stuck'?

Does anyone know if Mt Creek is hosting a PRO GTR this spring?

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Jul 18, 2005
Thank you sir!

IH8Rice, when you have a moment would you be able to format your original post?

For those who participated in Snow Shoe's Cholumunga Challenge what did you think of the format? Did you have fun?

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For those who participated in Snow Shoe's Cholumunga Challenge what did you think of the format? Did you have fun?
Me and a friend raced the Duo class last year and it was a ton of fun. We are already planning on attending this year as well (my teammate has already asked for the friday before the race off work and he doesn't even start working for them until May).

The format was pretty cool. Solo riders started on the Pro DH course and Duo/Quad teams started on the "other" course. Then at noon (6 runs for each of us on the first course) everybody switched courses. I did feel bad though for the guys who raced Quad class (could race 2 people at a time) and were done before the trails switched over.
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Mar 23, 2005
All Whiteface Mini DH races will be a 2 run format.
Cost will be $10.00 plus your lift pass.
All races will be expert only and held on upper mountain single-track only.
Races will be short (by our standards) at only 3 to 4 minutes each.
Categories will be "Scared" and "Not Scared".
Races will be USAC sanctioned. Fee includes 1 day license.
If you have a license it's still 10 bucks to race.
Registration will be on-site only.
Each race will be limited to 49 racers.

June 16: Whiteface Mini DH # 1 (summer race series)
July 14: Whiteface Mini DH #`2 (summer race series)
July 21: Whiteface Mini DH #`3 (summer race series final)

September 15: Whiteface Mini DH #`1 (fall race series)
September 22: Whiteface Mini DH #`2 (fall race series)
September 29: Whiteface Mini DH #`3 (fall race series final)
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