2014 Southern Super D Regional Championship Series


Apr 21, 2004
Wilkes "By God" County
We have us a series together for 2014!!! Below are known dates and the others should be firmed up within a week or so. I’m still working on series sponsors and as soon as those are locked in the flier can be completed.


1. April 26th – Rocky Knob, Boone, NC
2. May 17th – Kolo Bike Park , Asheville, NC
3. May 24th – Uwharrie, Troy, NC
4. June 15th – Kolo Bike Park , Asheville, NC
5. Aug 2nd– Hobby Park, Winston-Salem, NC
6. Aug 9th – Danville, VA - CANCELLED
7. August 17th – Dark Mtn, Wilkesboro, NC (Series Finale)

This a USAC series…good, bad or indifferent it’s what we got. Series will be best 6 out of 7 races. Danville, Uwharrie & Hobby Park will be run in conjunction with the Southern Classic XC races. Super D will be on Saturday and XC on Sunday.

Here is the class structure.
  1. Pro/Cat 1 Men 19+
  2. Master Men 40+
  3. Cat 2 Men 19+
  4. Pro/Cat 1 Women 19+
  5. Cat 3 Men 19+
  6. Junior Men 15-18
  7. Junior Men 14/u
  8. Cat 2/Cat 3 Women Open

Attached is info to date. I'm still confirming series sponsors and hope to have those firmed up by the end of January. Looks like we'll have a pretty payout if the stars align. The goal is $7-8k in cash & prizes.:thumb:


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Jun 1, 2009
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Wow, 2 races that aren't at least 4 hours away that I can actually make day trips out of...that's unheard of.
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Dec 31, 2013
Nashville, TN
Hey guys - plan on bringing a few riders from TN to participate in most of these races. For someone coming out of town, can some identify the actual trails these races will be held? Looking at Danville and it looks like there are a few trails in that area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Apr 21, 2004
Wilkes "By God" County
Update - Danville race will be rescheduled. We ran into a date conflict and was not able to secure the site. We will target for mid-summer.

Here's is the website for the series. It is in draft form and will continue to be updated.


I'll email the info in a Word document.

Each event promoter will be providing separate info. Once we have that info we'll update the website. As for the Danville, it will be at Dan Park.



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Dec 11, 2001
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Beech Mountain may cause a pro or two to fall off the wagon if they stay at the beer fest too long. Someone bought my way in two years ago, and I'm still not sure what all went down from that point. :D


Jul 30, 2010
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my bad... I talked to Talia just before the ProGRT schedule was released, but she only gave me months, not dates. This is wrong thread anyway. My bad 2X.
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May 27, 2005
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my bad... I talked to Talia just before the ProGRT schedule was released, but she only gave me months, not dates. This is wrong thread anyway. My bad 2X.
Just didn't want someone planning for it without clicking the link. I have to schedule my vacation time why out. Could have been me. I've do something similar before.:rolleyes:


Apr 8, 2014
Rocky Knob Super D Update

Course. The race course will use the Boat Rock descent and a bit of 'Ol Hoss, ending at the powerlines. This will be taped up Fri afternoon (4/25) and open to pre-ride through Sat morning.

Distance: 1.7mi
Highest Elev: 3,922ft
Lowest Elev: 3,556ft
Elev Difference: 366ft

If you'd like to view the course, open the Rocky Knob Web Map, click "layers" at the top and "Rocky Knob Super D." The course will be taped and ready to practice Fri afternoon and Sat. morning.

Registration. This is open and starting to get some racers signed up. Please sign up online in advance (link below).

Schedule. We are still working on fine tuning this and will provide the final schedule the week before as well as in a race update email to the registered racers. The schedule on Pinkbike is where we are now, but it still may be tweaked slightly. The Racers meeting prior to the start will be at the finish line (powerlines), not at the parking lot.

Friday Social. Boone Area Cyclists will be hosting a social at Appalachian Mountain Brewery on Friday night beginning at 6pm. If you are in town the day before, definitely plan on going. There will be food available.

More info:

Southern Super D Series Home; Direct Link to Registration (USAC). Appalachian Mountain Brewery; Rocky Knob Blog
May 30, 2011
Louisville, KY
I don't mean to hijack the thread but we are having a Super-D race up in Kentucky June 21st. It falls in between dates for your series so if anyone wants to race that weekend come on up for some fun and good prizes! Maybe next year we can add it to the series?

2014 Duffield Derby is on the schedule for June 21st and 22nd. For those of you not headed out west to Gravity Nationals come have some fun in Kentucky racing Super-D and XC for the weekend! Course video for the Super-D should be available next week if the rain holds out this weekend and I will post it up here as well as the Facebook event page. $50 cash bonus for the top overall finisher on the weekend for Super-D and XC combined. https://www.facebook.com/duffieldderbymtb

May 21, 2014
I, too, am interested in doing one or more of these races. This format seems like a good match to the kind of riding I currently do.

That being said, I have never done any kind of racing before, let alone a Super D. I have done my research and understand the differences between Enduro and Super D (Super D is more my speed I think) but do still have some outstanding questions that I'm hopeful someone will be able to share some insight:

1. What's the ideal bike for this kind of racing? 5"-6" full suspension trail bike? Is there a typical wheel size preferred? (promise I'm not trying to stir the pot - just trying to understand)
2. I'm a 41 yr old beginner - would I be racing in the Cat3 19+ group?

Thanks for any insight that can be shared. And if there are other considerations, please point those as well. Thanks again!


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Jan 9, 2004
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I think almost any kind of bike can work fine for Super D short of a straight up DH bike - and even then, a carbon V10 with single ply tires would probably be OK for most places. I want to say a guy won his class at the Rocky Knob super D on a rigid bike, and another guy won his class on a more traditional AMish type bike.

Anyway, I'd just race whatever bike you ride on trails, whether that be a hardtail 29er or a Yeti SB66. Which is a nice segue way into wheel size, and once again, I really don't think it matters that much. I guess if the course was pretty rooty and rough, I'd like to have a full squish 26er/650 bike or maybe a 29er hardtail with aggressive geometry. In the end, its whatever you're most comfortable riding.

As for your category, since I believe its a USAC sanctioned race, you will be lumped into the old man category (i.e. 40+), which may seem nice since you won't be competing against guys half your age, but is chock full of super fast old guys. Some of which aren't that far behind fast guys half their age. And if you're not on EPO and HGH, I'd recommend stepping up your game :thumb:
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