For Sale 2014 Specialized Langster, 10 year anniversary edition, 61cm (Track, Fixed, Fixie, Singlespeed)

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    Dudebros, check out this beast.

    Here is the PedalRoom link so you can see the specs:

    For the lazy, here are the specs, again!

    Frame: A1 Premium Aluminum frame, track-specific geometry

    Fork/Headset: FACT carbon fiber fork

    Crankset/Bottom Bracket: SRAM Omnium 48T

    Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand PC / Pure Fix Bike Pro Foot Strap

    Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: White Industries ENO Freewheel Sealed Cartridge Freewheel 17t

    Handlebars/Stem: Stock

    Saddle/Seatpost: Fizik Tundra 2 or Tioga Spyder Twin Tail / Easton EC90 Seatpost

    Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: Stock / Vittoria 23 Clincher Open Corsa CX III Tire

    Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: Stock / Vittoria 23 Clincher Open Corsa CX III Tire

    Accessories: Refun Bicycle Lights

    Rad, I know. Let’s get a few things out of the way. This is the 61cm frame; it’s as big as they come. I am 6’2/6’3 and if fits me like a glove. With seat post/handlebar adjustments I would say the range of this bike is between 5’8 and 6’4, so unless you’re living that lanky life, this won’t fit you.

    This bike is mad adaptable. Right now it’s setup as a singlespeed, rather than fixed gear, meaning still no gears but you can coast, making your eventual downward spiral into that fixie life much easier. When purchased the bike had a fixed track cog, which I can throw in if you’re insane. When I took the bike in to my favorite shop in DC to replace the track cog with the freewheel the hipster behind the counter was really disappointed, he was like, “man, you just need to achieve fixie zen.” I bowed my head in shame and told him, “bruh, I probably never will, just replace it.” This bike is a great balance, it gives you the simplicity, beauty, and ease of maintenance of only having one gear, while at the same time, it still has both front and rear brakes, and can coast, which means you’re not going to find yourself on the hood of some soccer mom’s Escalade if you go riding on the streets. But again, it’s about the adaptability, if you want to put the track cog on there and remove the rear, or both breaks, that’s totally up to you.

    She is a stealth fighter. She knows one thing, speed. Not comfort, not safety, just speed. This bike has no chill. Treat this bike like the ocean, if you don’t respect it, it will kill you. It’s light, it’s fast, and very soon you will find yourself racing cars and buses and generally being the type of cyclist that all pedestrians and drivers hate =) . I’m particularly fond of that Ominum crankset, it’s very stiff and supah silky smoof, I will most likely be getting this same crank for future builds. What else can I tell you about the bike? She’s been loved, stored indoors, maintained at reputable bike shops, and just been taken care of properly. Love comes and goes, but things are forever, and I take care of my things. There are a few cosmetic dinks on the frame but this bike is too badass for that, on this bike they are battle-scars, and you know girls love scars.

    The lucky chosen to acquire this bike will be the 3rd owner. I got this bike off craigslist back in May of 2014. I was young, still had dreams, and was going to gradual school in DC when I saw this beaut posted. The first owner’s name was Paul. Paul had gone to UVa for undergrad much like myself. He had the bike for less than 4 months and had put less than 500 miles on it. So why sell after only 4 months? Paul and his wife were expecting a baby. Reality was getting super real and our friend had to sell his toys and pretty much prepare to never have fun again. He tried to not show it but I saw the sadness in his eyes. I promised Paul that I will take care of her. Anyone that buys this bike has to do the same. Good vibes only, man. I don’t really have to sell this bike, but if the right person comes along, I am willing to let it go. No fuckbois, seriously, if you are a fuckboi don’t even try to get your hands on this bike, I won’t sell it to you.

    Can sell the bike configured in 2 different ways, depending on how much you wanna ball out, playa:

    $450 – stock Specialized seatpost, saddle, and pedals w/Shimano MX30 17T freewheel or with a track cog

    or with upgraded components:

    $850 – Easton EC90 Seatpost, Fizik Tundra 2 or Tioga Spyder Twin Tail saddle, Odyssey Grandstand with Pure Fix Bike Pro Foot Strap pedals w/White Industries ENO Freewheel Sealed Cartridge Freewheel 17t

    Prices for both configurations are firm. You pay with cash and with a smile on your face. Don’t even try to lowball me. I teach corporate types negotiation strategies for a living so don’t waste my time.

    The upgraded seatpost, saddle, pedals, and freewheel add up to more than $400 worth of upgrades. Are they worth it? I think so, but that’s just me. The bike is awesome and fast either way, the stock Specialized components are very high quality. You can see the decked out upgraded build in the picture that’s on UVa grounds (with the Fizik seat), or the sweet nighttime picture by the brick wall (with the Tioga Spyder seat). The more stock build with the stock seatpost and pedals (but still not the stock saddle) can been seen in the picture with the number 1 on the wall.

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