For Sale 2015 BOS Idylle RARE FCV 27.5 (almost new)

Downhill & Freeride
Pacific (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA)


Dwangus Bogans
May 9, 2006
This fork has only been used four times, totaling maybe 6-hours of use.

The stanchions are completely scratch and blemish free, and the lowers have one small blemish which I've included a photo so you can see how minor it is.

Other than that, the fork is as new and works absolutely perfectly.

Steer tube is cut to 6.25-inches (159 mm) and still has the star-nut installed.

Also, I have a BOS Void rear shock that I'm selling, I just haven't made the ad yet. Also in perfect condition. 10.5x3.5. If you're interested in buying both the shock and the fork we can work out a deal.

Details from BOS:

Travel: 208mm
Wheel Size: 27.5"
Spring: Air
Disc Mount: Post 180mm
Axle Configuration: 20x110mm Bolt On
Max Rotor Size: 203mm
Crown Material: 7075 Aluminum
Lowers Material: Magnesium
Stanchions: 7075 Aluminum
Intended Use: Downhill

The fork that which all other downhill forks should be compared. The BOS Idylle RARE FCV is a no-holds-barred suspension fork built to be raced, punished, pushed to the limit. New for 2015, the Idylle RARE gets an all new Frequency Control Valve (FCV), which is a patent-pending innovation that BOS has been using in various motorsport suspension applications for the last few years. It has been now been re-engineered for use in mountain biking, providing unparalleled response and damping. FCV is a smart system that is able to recognize where the compression forces are originating from, whether it be from the rider pushing down from the bars, or the wheel taking an impact. FCV is able to distinguish between these types of forces, and determine how to best respond. What this means for you is a supremely buttery suspension feel, reduced arm/hand fatigue, better square-edge hit absorption, reduced risk of pinch flats, and less suspension dive.

Take one look at the Idylle RARE, and you'll see BOS's attention to detail and quality is unmatched. Unlike most other high-end forks, the Idylle RARE uses a beautifully CNC machined steerer and crown. All of the crown bolts and axle pinch-bolts are machined from high-grade titanium. Perfection is the best word to describe this fork. The chassis has been redesigned on the 2015 Idylle RARE to better accommodate 27.5" wheels. Stanchion size has been increased from 36mm to 37mm, improving overall stiffness. BOS also increased the suspension travel from 200mm to 208mm. Although a seemingly small difference, BOS felt it was necessary to obtain the desired progressiveness in the travel.

Also new on the RARE FCV is a revamped hydraulic bump stop. The new bump stop features a longer curve, and is more progressive, which means you barely even notice it's there. Along with the bump stop, BOS also revamped the air cartridge. The engineers figured out a method to essentially free-float the cartridge in the stanchion. This allows the stanchion to flex under load without putting stress on the cartridge. The result is a more responsive fork, even under high stress.

Downhilling is a game of seconds, and it's clear BOS is aiming for the top of the pack with the new RARE FCV. All of these performance gains can certainly add up to time savings on the track, and racers will likely appreciate the improvements made to this fork for 2015.

Service intervals on the Idylle RARE FCV are far and few between. Tired of bringing your fork to the shop every 10 hours ride time to change the oil? BOS recommends only two oil changes per year. Whereas many air forks only have 10cc oil in the lowers, the open-bath Idylle Rare is fully bathed in a race-grade biodegradable oil that constantly lubricates the seals and bushings. Not only does this reduce the number of oil changes needed, it also greatly improves seal life. In fact, we've heard some BOS riders have gotten as much as two years out of a single set of seals. While this may not be recommended, it is impressive no doubt.