For Sale 2016 Push 11.6 200x57 (evil insurgent)

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Sep 23, 2001
Boise, Idaho
Push 11.6 Rear Shock. Purchased in 2016 and used that year, very little since then! Was send back to push last spring for an upgrade to the new micro and other bits and serviced as well. Shock is in like new condition, has only been ridden 2-5 times since sevice/ rebuild. Brand new $1200, can be sent to push to be resized, revalved, etc. currently set up with a 500lbs spring and for a rider 180-195ish. Had the. Change the tunes so one side is downhill plush and the other is more of a flow trail setting.

Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Take one look at the Push ElevenSix, and it's clear this shock is built for business. Just about every piece of the shock is beautifully CNC-machined, adding to it's Robo-Cop appearance. But appearances aren't everything. Dive into the inner-workings of the ElevenSix, and we'll find that is is one of the most brilliantly designed and manufactured rear shocks out there. The folks at Push are a passionate bunch of mountain bikers that ride just as hard as any of us. Toss in a few suspension engineering wizards, access to aerospace-grade materials, and you've got a dangerously wicked combination.

Push has spent the better part of a decade taking forks and rear shocks from companies such as Rock Shox and Fox, and developing new internals for them to improve their performance. Eventually the writing was on the wall - with so much experience improving what's out there, why not develop an entire shock from the ground-up? That's exactly what has happened with the ElevenSix. In the eyes of the folks at Push, this is quite simply the best shock money can buy. Speaking of money, there's no denying that $1200 is a pretty penny for a rear shock. At twice the price of most other high-end rear shocks, the ElevenSix is clearly in a league of it's own price-wise. It's double the price, but is it double the shock? We'd argue yes, in fact it is.

As one would expect, this shock doesn't truly come to life until you point things downhill. In our experience, we found ourselves springing out of corners on familiar trails with noticeably more speed than before. The bike seemed to accelerate over rough/rocky/rooty terrain, eliminating chatter like nothing we've ridden. Yes, the shock does tack on about a pound over a traditional air shock, but you quickly forget about that when you realize just how responsive, quick, and lively your bike feels with this shock on board. Not to say bikes like the Calling isn't lively with an air shock, as it most definitely is, but the ElevenSix seems to take everything to a new level. The difference is very real, and if it's remotely within the budget, it is a worthy upgrade to an already incredible bike.

Push takes suspension tuning very seriously, so every ElevenSix is completely custom tuned for the exact bike, as well as rider weight. Most coil shocks don't have an internal tune based on rider weight - you would just select a spring rate for your weight and call it good. This is not the case with the ElevenSix. The valving and internals are all tuned based on rider weight ranges, as you can see using the dropdown menu. Next up, the coil springs are offered in 25-lb increments to insure that the shock feels exactly right for you.

So, what the heck are all those adjuster knobs on this shock? This is where the Push truly excels past any other rear shock. Push calls it their Dual Overhead Valve, which essentially offers two completely separate circuits that can be toggled on the fly with the lever placed above the blue knobs. Sounds similar to existing climb switches on shocks, but that's not what this is. Each circuit offers separately adjustable high and low speed compression (16 clicks HSC, 20 clicks LSC). On one circuit, you can adjust the shock to a firmer overall feel for climbing and/or trails with more pedaling. Flip it to the other circuit, and you can then adjust the high/low speed compression settings to completely change the feel of the shock. It's on-the-fly adjustability with zero compromise. So essentially what we have here is two completely separate shocks in one. Both circuits share the same rebound adjuster knob, located at the lower end of the shock. Rebound speed typically does not need to be changed within the two circuits, which is why Push opted to go this route.

The latest iteration of the ElevenSix has been updated with Push's exclusive Micro XD coating on the shock body and shafts. This improves durability, while reducing friction leading to better bump sensitivity. Push increased the reservoir size by 11.6% (which they claim is not a coincidence!), adding even more thermal resistance on super long descents. The piston has also been redesigned with an improved oil flow path and increased port volume giving you the best possible control in deep successive bumps.

Although not as flashy as the rest of the shock, Push partnered with Hypercoil to build them the perfect coil spring for the ElevenSix. Built in the USA, the Hypercoil spring is made from premium high tensile alloy, featuring a unique tapered design relative to the end coils. The result is a spring that resists binding and provides greater linearity through compression, while eliminating any chance of spring rub on the shock body. Taking things one step further, the spring rests on a polymer seat bearing (instead of resting directly on a metal collar), allowing the spring to rotate freely under compression. This provides an even smoother feel while increasing small bump sensitivity. In a similar vein, Push offers multiple densities of bottom-out bumpers. Are you a sender that's constantly finding the bottom of your travel? Push can increase the density of your bumper to maximize bottom-out resistance.

Push understands that when you buy this shock, you are making a long-time investment. The shock is built to last years of abuse, and you may want to take it from one bike to another. As long as the eye-to-eye and stroke length are the same, Push can re-valve the ElevenSix to your new bike. Just be sure that your bike is on Push's approved compatibility list, which can be found on their website. Even if you are switching to a bike with a different eye-to-eye/stroke length, Push can reconfigure the shock length/stroke. In this case, you would need to pay for the parts required to make this change. As with all suspension, Push recommends a Factory Rebuild service every 12 - 18 months. The service is $125, and will insure that your ElevenSix runs as smoothly and flawlessly as the day you got it. As an added bonus, if Push makes any updates to the internal components of the shock (such as pistons, valves, etc), they will install these parts at no extra cost to you during the Factory Rebuild to insure you are always on the latest technology.

When it comes down to it, we're multiple paragraphs in attempting to describe all the features of this shock, and yet, we've barely scratched the surface on what has actually gone into developing and producing the ElevenSix. Every single minor detail of this shock has been painstakingly thought-out, with no stone un-turned. Even the mounting hardware end-caps are CNC-machined. Push has responsibly sourced everything inside-out from the USA, and hand builds each-and-every ElevenSix at their factory in Colorado. Yes, the shock is expensive, but if there has ever been a case in "getting what you pay for", this would be it



Nov 8, 2020
Hey there, I am very interested in your Push shock, because I have sn Insurgent also, but only with the stock Monarch.
Would you consider to sent it to The Netherlands? I’ll pay the shipment.

kind regards