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Turbo Monkey
Jan 14, 2002
Doesn't that kind of take all the fun out of it though when you get it right off the bat? It kind of takes the pressure off if you have a big fishing trip, but most people around here will set aside a week or more for a moose, sheep, or caribou hunt. We caught our fish on our annual trip last summer all on the first day, 75 or so salmon between 3 people, but then we kind of screwed around the following days fishing, except then having to get the 75 on ice and care for during the trip was kind of a bitch.


Turbo Fluffer
Aug 8, 2005
My own world inside my head
Well, I spent a solid wee out early September chasing elk. Even got a shot off at 35 yards with my bow and blew it..... Bt the time I landed this buck I had already had about six weeks worth of hunting in. This was the second deer of the season for me as I got a doe early in archery the week before I was elk hunting... . Never did get that elk....for the third year in a row.