29er hardtail vs. full suspension

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Mar 13, 2011
I am new to this website, and am a born again mountain biker. I have taken about five years off of biking, and must admit that I was (still am) very amateur before I quit riding. I want to get back into biking and I have narrowed my choices down to a 2011 giant xtc 29er 2 and a 2009 cannondale rize 5 with 26" wheels. I am struggling to make a decision myself. Do I stick with the familiar full suspension with 26" wheels or try the 29er which seems to be a new favorite among many riders. Please give me any opinions on which bike you riders would go with. Keep in mind that the bikes are basically the same price, and once again I am amateur...I will not be in many competitions, this is for fun.