3.15/16 Capitol Forest FOCF XC and Super D course changes


May 29, 2006
Capitol Forest
We've got a a record snow pack in Capitol Forest, (and everywhere else in the state). The upper mountain is snowed in and will not likely be melted out by the Burn Your Winter Coat Weekend.

The races WILL GO ON. We are making some changes.

XC and Poker Run:
The extra 7 miles for the expert/open class in the XC and Poker Run course will be deleted, and all classes will be running the shorter loop(by our standards). 16 miles with 3000' of climbing. There will likely be some smaller patches of snow on Trail #50 still on the race weekend. This is mountain biking, cross country, in the North West, leave your white spandex and excuses at home.

Super D
We will be running the lower 2/3 of the course. The start will be off of a spur road directly off of C-Line. We will be offering a best of two runs format, to insure you plenty of gravity for your $. The Super D course will be snow free.

Course Conditions
The courses are in very good shape right now. The dry weather has turned our classic clay into tacky bliss. Traction city. FOCF is hard at work buffing the course out as we speak (specifically one volunteer who will remain unnamed, but we will be forever grateful to).

A solid weekend of quality mountain bike racing is to be had. Lots of racing, burgers, Red Bull, Clif Bar, schwag, classic FOCF custom dog tag medals, $ and awareness raised for Capitol Forest trail maintenance and construction.

See you on the 15th and 16th.


Here is a link to the new course map.