3 inch tires


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Jul 3, 2004
Vashon, WA
Yeah dude, they come in rootbeer and are way flexy, they rockxzorz!

Seriously, I borrowed a bike with 24's and 3" tires. They were so fat that they rode like 26's. Heavy enough too. They give lots of traction and supple cornering. Take that as a good or bad thing. They really take the edge off of bumps. You can just ride into curbs etc. I would have them if I only rode down hills, and speed was not the issue.
I like them.
I have a three inch on the back of my LeToyIII.
It is four years old, so it is pretty nice and smooth now, rolls really fast.
I have not flatted this tire in four years.
but they aren't for everyone.

Mr Tiles

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Nov 10, 2003
L-town ya'll
I ran a gazzi 24x3.0 on the back of my morphine a couple years ago with a 2.8 mich up front. By far the best handling/traction combo I've ever run BUT it weighed a ton. It felt like the rear had two or so inches of travel which was awesome at the time. I replaced the morphine with a frame that wouldn't clear that big of tire so I never ran it again.


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Jun 20, 2005
a-town biatches
yeh there really kool looking but for just about every type of riding they are totally useless and overkill. if i ever ran a tire that big on my end of the states it just wouldnt work. mud clearence wouldnt exist on my bike. unless your running wide open, dry, high speed, steep corners, and some rock gardens here and there. there totally pointless for the weight.

now if they were tubless i would run them lol :thumb:


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Jul 17, 2003
G-County, NC
I run a Arrow Racing WideBite 24x3.0 on my mountain unicycle. That's your only suspension on a uni so you run them wide with about 18 pounds of pressure. Nice and skwishy. :)


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Oct 18, 2001
Reno 911
Totally pointless. I've tried the infamous 26X3 gazzi as a front tire in steep super rocky conditions. Here is what I noticed. It wants to climb up every rut in the trail, its so heavy it makes your front suspension feel bad. In loose, gravelly conditions it tends to wash badly since it can't cut into the material and get traction. It is so freakin wide it won't fit in between narrow rock pinches.

This is real feedback, not BS. It is honestly the worst tire I've ever run on a DH bike and there is a reason it is no longer on the market.


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Jan 25, 2003
I use to run 24x2.6 Gazzo on the rear and a 24x3.0 Gazzo on the front of my Big Hit. It was great on slow techy stuff. It was terrible on fast.... anything. They rolled fine going DH and I even rode them uphill on XC rides. The 3.0 is overkill. I run 2.5s for everything, now. Sometimes I run a Maxxis 2.7 on the front, but its small and actually a 2.5.

I think 24x3.0s are awesome on DH hardtales as they give a little squish but there is no need for them anywhere else.

On a side note, the Arrow 3.0 is SMALL compared to the Gazzo 3.0. The intese 3.0 is somewhere between. I ran all the 24x3.0s back in the day. :) The Kujos are about the same size as the Gazzos.


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
i have used the 2.6X24 rear gaza w/ a 3.0X26 on both my bb7 and my urban rig. i have a shiver on the bb7, so i can run anything i want. i ran the combo last year in whistler. the 3.0 front was a bit heavy and did not grip as well as other options, like the 2.7 big earl i ran this year. the 3.0 did rule over the rocks and roots. up on the garbonzo trails, the tire was gold. my boys hated riding in front of me because i would plow everything and climb right up on their butts. i am not a great rider, so i give credit to the tire. would another tire have done the same job just as well or better? maybe, but i did not have time to try every tire. i liked it. the 2.6 on the back was a good mate and kept the bike balanced.

on my urban rig, i can run the same tire setup because i run a funn rigid fork. the bike is heavy and harder to hop and flick. however, i feel comfortable with the set up. i urban that way. i also trail ride that way. it gave me some extra cush and it made all the XC geeks gawk at a 13" single speed w/ a rigid fork and giant tires. i could not catch them on the climb, but they pulled over on the way back down :)


Turbo Monkey
Aug 13, 2005
3.0 work and are worth it if u get the right tire i think highroller or the minion comes in the 3.o or michelin i believes makes a really good one have you thought about the 2.7


Aug 14, 2005
3.0's are dumb. all they do is try and make u you something you or the bike don't have. they're heavy and slow. you don't see many people running them anymore and not too many, if any, people in the RAMPAGE use them. they should go away just like the super monster and the apocolypse. i have 8" and 2.5 tires and that is plenty. these are just my thoughts.


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Feb 23, 2004
2.5 is enough for any condition you will encounter. Any more then that and your rolling resistance goes through the roof.


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
and 6" of travel is enough for any trail you will ride, any more and you are just not pedaling efficiently.

4 strings are enough for a bass. any more is just too confusing.

5 speeds in a manual transmission is enough, any more is extra weight.

31 flavors is all the world needs. any more is just silly.

that said, i have a 3.0 and i like it. however, i cannot argue that it is any better than any other tire for the same conditions. i just like it. for the same reasons the kids have faux-hawks and wear their polo shirt collars turned up. it is silly, but they like it that way.


May 9, 2005
Doing the MUni
No, no, 5 strings on a bass comes in handy.

I run a 3" on my mountain uni, but that's the only "travel" I get. On a bike, it really would seem rather pointless...other than for the squishy factor...squiiiiiishy.


Jun 26, 2005
Raleigh, NC
I have noticed a 2.7 slowing me down before because it was too big for a relatively smooth course, and now I run 2.5s but I am thinking about maybe getting some 3.0s for those extremely rockey courses...


Mar 17, 2005
a michelin comp32 2.8 on the front and a comp24 2.5 on the rear is the perfect set-up to ride the shore