3rd Annual Bootlegger's Bliss - "Wort Meets Dirt"

Sep 19, 2008
To previous partakers and all youse folks who homebrew, ride dirt, and don't mind traveling to the DC/MD area:

The Third Annual Bootlegger's Bliss will be held on Satyrday, November 1st, at an as yet undisclosed venue in MD (within an hour of DC). That's right, the locally famous "greatest-mountain-biking-homebrew-tasting-event-of-the-first-weekend-in-November-in-the-mid-Atlantic-region-within-an-hour-of-DC-hosted-by-me-and-sponsored-by-no-one" is back again for more homegrown hijinx.

For the uninitiated, the Bliss is an event that combines a mountain bike ride with a homebrew tasting and homecooking picnic. A few more details:

* this event is for homebrewing mountain bikers (or mountain biking homebrewers), and not the general public (see the third asterisk below re: guests);

* the "price of admission" is one six-pack or equivalent (say, three bombers) of homebrew that you brewed, either at home or at a brewing facility.

* while the event is limited to homebrewers, each brewer may bring one guest who does not brew, but who rides and likes beer. Guests are encouraged to witness and help with the brewing process before attending.

* everyone participating in the beer tasting—including guests—must bring and ride a bike suitable for off-road use. This is a mountain biking event. Oh, and tasters should be of legal age.

* everyone who attends is asked to bring a HOMECOOKED dish to share with other attendees. This is a ride, followed by a picnic of sorts, where the finest homebrew in the region will be on display.

* non-participating (i.e., those who neither ride nor drink much) family members are always welcome. Bring your wife, husband, paramour, concubine, ex, whatever, as long as you don't get too sloppy with 'em; kids are also welcome.

More details (i.e., time, date, contact info) will be posted here http://www.wrenchinthegears.blogspot.com/ as they become available.

For info on past events, check out these posts: http://wrenchinthegears.blogspot.com/search?q=bootlegger%27s+bliss

Hope to see you there. :cheers:

"Under a bad cloak there is often a good drinker."
— Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605-15