4 Mountains/ Zumbi/ Fox World Team


Mar 22, 2007
Myslenice, Poland
We would like to announce a new team on the circuit:

4 Mountains / Zumbi/ Fox World Team

foto by Dirt Magazine


Neil Donoghue

Results in DH
1st at Final round UK National Points series 2008
3rd UK National Championships 2008
3rd Overall UK National Points series 2008
3rd Fat Face night race Scarborough 2008
11th World Cup Final round 2008
13th Overall in World Cup Series 2006
Junior British National Champion

Helen Gaskell

Results in DH
3 x Junior World Championship Medalist
3rd at Fort William World Cup
4th at Brazil World Cup
5th at Maribor World Cup
5th Overall in the World Cup Series 2006
Many World Cup Podiums...
Top ten in the world for the last Five years...
2007,2008 - British Championship Silver Medalist
2007,2008 - Winner of the British National Series Overall

Scott Mears

Results DH
Top 15 in the world junior men (2008 results to follow)

Charlie Phillips

Results in 4X and BMX
1996-2006 South West No.11996-2005 National No.11996 (8 yrs old) - Semi final in my first ever World Championships1997 - European No.3 and World No.51998 -(10 yrs old) European No.4 and World No.31999 - European No.4 and World No.62000 - (12 yrs old) European No.2 and World No.4 2001 - European No.4 and World No.8 - I competed in my first ever 4x event in Plymouth where I finished 1st in the Elite female Category.2002 -(14 yrs old) European No.52003 - European No.4 and World No.72004 -(16 yrs old) European Champion and World No.32005 - European No.5 in Junior Women2006 - (18 yrs old) European No.3 in Junior Womengain as much experience as possible when I enter World Cup events and to put myself up there with the top World Ranked 4x riders.

Liam Phillips

Results BMX World Championships:
2x Silver medalist
1x Bronze medalist
BMX European Championships:
European Champion
5x Silver Medalist
3x Bronze medalist
BMX and BMX Cruiser British Champion 18 Times
2008 Beijeng Olympic Games.
Britains only Pro male qualifier.
Liam now lives in Manchester at the Olympic camp training for the 2012 games.
Liam will race BMX and 4X Pro for the 4 Mountains Team

Christian Hatcher

Results in 4X and DH
PORC Summer DH Series Rnd 3 - 2nd Seniors
Leamington Spa 4X Winter Series Rnd 1 - 5th Seniors
Chicksands Spring 4X - 5th Seniors
NPS 4X Rnd 1 - 5th Seniors
NPS 4X Rnd 3 - 6th Seniors
NPS 4X Rnd 4-7 DNS due to a wrist injury
Chicksands Winter 4X - 5th Seniors
Fatface Downtown race Scarborough - 12th Seniors
PORC Winter DH Series Rnd 2 - 5th Sen iors
NPS 4X Rnd 2 - 1st Senior Open
PORC Winter DH Series Rnd 1 - 3rd Seniors
Leamington Spa 4X Winter Series Rnd 1 - 4th Seniors
Beds Phat Trax 4X - 4th Seniors
R4R DH Rnd 2 - 9th Seniors
Penarth Downtown race - 6th Seniors
Mega Avalanche qualifying Alpe D’huez - 21st overall

James Baker

Results in DH
2007Midlands Rd 1 – 12thMidlands Rd 2 – 14th
Midlands Rd 3 – 11th
Overall – 12th
Rasen Area Trailblazerz Rd 1 – 4th Rasen Area Trailblazerz Rd 2 – 2nd
Rasen Area Trailblazerz Rd 3 – 2nd
Overall – 2nd
2008 Sponsored Zumbi Factory Rider
Hamsterley Winter series Rd 3 – 17th
RATZ KOH Race – 1st in category, 6th overall
Moelfre Decision Downhill – 7th
Scarborough Night Town Race – qualified 5th – Red flagged due to other competitor crash in race run
RATZ round 1 – 1st

Nathan Million

Nathan million is just 15 years old and has been hand picked because of his special and unique riding qualities. Nathan was watched by myself (World Team Manager Jason King) for two months. Every team needs its trainees to bring through the ranks however at just 15 Nathan has proven that he can compete with not just Britain’s youngsters but the Worlds. This special talent that will be recognised from day one.
His past was Competing in cycle trials competitions all over Yorkshire for 2 years, placed 3rd in his first year. Rode dirt jump street ad 4x for 1 1/2 years after quitting trials because of simply not enjoying it anymore,*then tried out a downhill bike and really enjoyed it.* Within three months Nathan was flat out over anything.

Duncan McCann

2008 Results
RATZ round 1 – 4th
Duncan was a professional DH rider throughout the 90’s riding for Team Chevin / Marin (He was also team manager). He has started training again and gained 4th in his return race in the Ratz winter series.
He will be riding Masters for the 2009 season.
Duncan also was sponsored by SkiSet for two winter seasons as a freestyle ski and snowboarder gaining podium places throughout Europe.
He is truly an all round extreme athlete.
As one of the co owners of 4Mountains he brings over 15 years industry experience in both Bike and Snow industries, as well as team support.

Jason King
Team Manager

Racing Vet Downhill in 2009, raced BMX in the early 80’s, and was Muddy Fox’s first Mountain Bike Sponsor.
Raced at all levels including A - Pro BMX in America for 7 years.
Returned to Racing in Mid 90’s racing all over the World at Master and Pro level. Recently raced Scarborough Fat Face Night Race Downhill, Degree in Sports Science and Sports Psychology and will use this degree with the 4Mountains Team.

Team photo shoot at Wharncliffe, Yorshire, UK

foto by Terri-Anne Busbridge

Zumbi Cycles, Fox Europe, Fox Racing Shox, Maxxis, Mavic, Hope, Funn, Mojo, Rockstar Energy

Scheduled races and events for 2009

Maxxis cup

Round 1
March 22nd

Round 2
Sao Bras de Alportel
May 3rd

Round 3
Vallnord, Anddora
May 24th

NPS Series

Round 1
Innerleithen, Scotland
April 26th

Round 2
Llangollen, Mid Wales
May 31st

Round 3
Fort William, Scotland
June 28th

Round 4
Carlton Bank, Stockton on Tees
Aug 16th

Round 5
Caersws, Powys
Sept 27th

National champs
Innerleithen, Scotland
July 19th

World cup series

Round 1
Pietermaritzberg, South Africa
April 11-12

Round 2
La Bresse, Fance
May 9-10

Round 3
Vallnord, Anddora
May 16-17

Round 4
Fort William, Scotland
June 6-7

Round 5
June 20-21

Round 6
Mont St Anne, Canada
July 25-26

Round 7
Bromont, Canada
Aug 1-2

Round 8
Schladming, Austria
Sept 19-20

BMX National/World Cups TBC by Liam Phillips.
Polish National Round 1 April 26th

more news:
http://dirtmag.co.uk/news/category/press release/zumbi-team-2009/dirt-1234495.html
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Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/
Uhhh yeah, they are teh evil bastard uhhh so bad... Don't like them but it's not the topic about them.

Congratz for putting a nice team. Hope they have a good season and spread the word of zumbi ;)

BTW. The team painting looks better than the standard one but your strange yellow is even better.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 13, 2007
I have never used F-44 and I should support local brands, but c'mon... the hardtail looks like crap :| and the F-44 looks like it's long as city bus ;)


Mar 22, 2007
Myslenice, Poland
For Frogos information. You will find all the geometry information of the F44 on www.zumbicycles.com. 1170 at M size WB is a standard DH racing measurement mate. The Team is using standard sizing although they all had an option of custom geometry and I think names like Donoghue and Gaskell know perfectly what size bike they need or maybe You know better???


Mar 28, 2007
I am a bit shocked to see its a Fox team. Thought you guys always ran Avlanche Racing shocks. Bet you will to well though its a great bike and you have some really good riders there.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 13, 2007
Zumbi, nie ma co się gorączkować ;) I just don't like the way they look.
Good for you, You entered WC team. You may sell few pcs more. Let's hope Mielec won't screw, again.
HT weighs nearly 3kg and looks like plumber's job, to me...


Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/
Zumbi, nie ma co się gorączkować ;) I just don't like the way they look.
Good for you, You entered WC team. You may sell few pcs more. Let's hope Mielec won't screw, again.
HT weighs nearly 3kg and looks like plumber's job, to me...
Plumbers are ment to race not design frames ;)

Pawel what Kacper said was about the looks. It does look much longer than it is in reality due to the seatube conecting with the downtube much in front of the bb and quite far from the CS. The photos posted make them seem even longer.

BTW. The black one is Tits. Best one I've seen so far. Just add a black fox 40 and you're pimpin.
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Turbo Monkey
Aug 21, 2006
In your pants
It's a solid bike, not too heavy, plenty of travel for DH, with a 2-year race warranty.

And let's be honest... DW link was trendy because all the Sam Hill wannabe's rode it. FSR is trendy because almost every other bike company seems to have leased FSR as some time. And VPP... well, I live 30 mins. from Santa Cruz. Don't even get me started on the trendiness of VPP.

I just can't wait to have this thing in my hands. :D