650b AM/XC Hardtail frame options.

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used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
I want to build up an XC/fun bike and I don't really know of many 650b hardtail frames that will suit.
I'm looking for 470-490 reach, ~66 deg headangle, 430mm minimum stays, I'd like a 130mm headtube and a bb height that isn't stupid low.

Now that I have a short travel dually with a 64deg HA there isn't much point also having a hardtail with a 62deg HA so the Marino needs to go the the recycler in the sky.

Any ideas?

Oh, no sliding drop outs, no Is brake mount, no internal brake and gear cables, and must be a 44mm ID headtube.

There has to be one frame that suits, haha!