66 sl more questions sorry


Feb 20, 2004
Vancouver, WA
I am confused, marz knows the issue and will fix it problem is they have no parts in stock and I want to ride.

I keep reading such different thoughts I am not sure what is correct.

PAR is the bottom left and is the spring per say. Top left is how you set your sag??? then top right which is the side with only one adjustment is what??? they told mew ZERO in there.

I used way less than their settings and the fork is rigid and of course does not get full travel.

I weigh about 210 with gear can some one give me an idea what to do until I can get it fixed?


talks too much
Mar 19, 2002
Claremont, CA
Here is how I understand it: The main spring is the top left. The bottom left (PAR) must be set more than the main spring (Marz recommends 30 psi more, but I think that's mostly insurance). The PAR controls progression- more pressure means more ramp up at the end of the travel. The right side chamber is used for fine tuning- it adds preload and progressiveness. I usually tuned the spring rate (top left), set the PAR to the minimum I could get away with (always fill the PAR first, though!) and then use the right chamber to make small corrections.

Not gonna lie, though, I don't really like mine either. I will probably take the PAR out before the season starts.