661 defender armor...

i just got the upper body armor for Christmas and have yet to ride in it...
it seems nice and covers well but moves around too much. it covers everywhere i would expect it to cover and no more, but is way to loose around the midsection even after tightning it as much as i can.

i'm 5'11" and got the adult size...

i was wondering if i should just pinch the straps to make them shorter or exchange for a smaller size(which i dont really want to do)...

other than that, anyone like/dislike this armor?


Apr 6, 2007
sst, WA
well if you don't wont to send it back, and are confident in your strap pinching abilitys, then by all means pinch away! And if you do return it, then I'm sure they won't notice tinny holes in the straps.