66RC compression/Rebound cartridge problems...


Feb 22, 2005
Manassas, VA
After 4 months of riding my 66RC and after a mild crash the comp. cartridge began to make a clunking noise within the first inch of compression, the knob would not turn, and I could smell fork oil, but I was not leaking. Sent it to Marz., got it back and everything is working good.

Last night (had refurb'd fork for 2 weeks)I did a drop (not to flat), and I will admit I wasnt that smooth, but I dont think I didnt hit hard enough to break anything..... SO now I get the same clunking noise, but only in the last inch or two of rebound, and the noise is coming from the rebound. leg; I dont get the noise if I have compression as far minus as I can get it....... Is this OK???

I call Marz. and asked them what they did to my fork and they said all they did was an oil change...... I was kinda upset that I will most likely need to send it back to Marz. so they gave me their fedex account # and said they will cover shipping to get it there, but if they dont find anything, Im paying to ship it back......

I dont want to waist either party's money, and I would hate to be out of a bike for a week and a half... so what should I do... keep it or sendit???

any insight would be great


Turbo Monkey
Jun 10, 2002
my guess without seeing it, is spring noise, I think that's all your hearing.

If you want to bring it by the shop, if you or someone is coming down, I'd love to help ya out or take a look at it.

If it is spring noise, you might be able to just spin the spring a little and get rid of the noise (meaning just move the spring around so it isn't hitting anything anymore)

Or we can go get some shrink wrap and shrink wrap the spring, that will also help with noise.

If Than were still at the shop in Blacksburg, I'd tell you to take it to him but he's not, so that's not a option.

Let Derek have a look and listen to it and see what he says, he's opened his 888 so he'll be semi familiar with your 66.

good on marzocchi sounds like they are trying to help with the shipping, it doesn't sound like they found anything wrong with it last time, that leads me to believe it's spring noise.

maybe someone else will chime in with some ideas....


Nov 14, 2002
Bay Area
I've heard of this problem before and the spring needs to re-seat itself and that is about it. I've also heard of people putting in an extra washer on top of the spring to take up the little bit of slack in there and that eliminates the problem. Check the boards at mtbr.com and you will find these discussions.