7.875 x 2.0 on a Reign X?


Mar 26, 2005
Hey All,
I have a Reign X I am going to build up and want to make a very versatile bike (2 wheelesets, one tubeless) and two rear shocks (coil and air).

My questions is, can I run a 7.875 x 2.0 on the reign X? It takes a 7.875 x 2.25 usually but the stock reign has the 2.0 stroke shock. There seem to be WAY more choices for a 2.0 than the 2.25 stroke air shocks and if it reduces travel on the bike thats fine.

Anyone? Thanks!!!!


Sep 10, 2001
You can always go with shorter stroke shock on any bike, as long as eye to eye distance is the same or smaller by the amount of stroke reduction (hope that makes sense).
Jun 21, 2007
^^^^ true, but with the maestro design you're meant to have the suspension setup just right for it to perform correctly... going to a shorter stroke shock would probably change how much sag you run and may effect the performance of the suspension design..

it's something to look into.


Mar 28, 2007
You could fit it as there the same length but as far as I can see it would be a bit of a fruitless exercise as it would not really achieve anything. If you are looking for a shock that you can ride up hills a bit better on just flick the Propedal valve on. Then with it off the Fox DHX Air 4.0 is up to out and out DH as well. Its a great all round unit really. Though saying that I found they peddled fine without the Propedal as long as you stay in the seat.


May 15, 2005
Spokane WA
That wouldn't be a good idea. It would just make the bike ride like crap and bottom out a lot.

There are plenty of air shocks for that size, just look harder.

On the other hand, I don't think adding an air shock is going to make any difference at all in how it feels weight wise while riding. The shock is so low to begin with that it won't lower your COG by going lighter there. If anything it wouldn't feel as plush as a coil. It's also a pain in the ass to change shocks, especially if you don't have an extra set of mountin hardware. Being a person who has owned an X1, I would urge you to not go with an air shock. Once again, it won't be any benefit at all to you.

Put your money into real weight savings and get lighter wheels + tires. Much easier to change in a hurry than shocks.

I ride mine with lighter tires for XC type days and it pedals really freakin fast.