8-Flat-8 upgraded

the desmondo

Mar 7, 2007

I have only had it for one season and it's only seen one race so far, but hopefully next season it will see much more racing.

I was considering upgrading the tires, so I swapped out the stock Blue Grooves for the Minions. Any ideas for future upgrades, or thoughts in general?

Here's some specs.
06' 888 RC2X -not stock
Fox DHX 3.0
Mavic EX325
Hayes 9
Sram x.7 shifter, x.9 derailleur
Race Face Evolve DH 40t
Race Face Evolve Stem
Pedals, Hubs, Handlebar, Saddle, Seatpost are Devinci's in-house brand- Daredevil.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 29, 2006
wheels could use upgrading, i think the rims you have are the 325s, which are an extremely heavy rim. that'd be my main upgrade advice, but i see a ton of other things that could be changed. how much are you looking to spend overall? here is a list of the parts i think are most important to upgrade on that bike:


all of the upgrades would mostly be to save weight and make the ride a little more comfortable, that seat doesn't look too friendly, but i'm just going by what i can see. also, what fork is on there right now? i know it's a 888, but what model?


Aug 26, 2007
Spokane WA
ditch those hayes get some shimano's that will help out alot. Look into a dhx 5.0 thats what id change right out the gate. the rest isnt terrible by any means sweet bike.


Aug 28, 2007
Somewhere over the rainbow
Depending on riding style and trail style you could go without the 5.0 for a while, propedal isnt totally nessisary sometimes, And thats the most expensive upgrade. Wheelset would prolly be best upgrade, saves rolling weight most importantly and you would notice the change more than anything else.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2001
The Daredevil stuff is by far the weakest point of your bike. Before thinking about upgrading anything else, make sure your upgraded all the Daredevil stuff. IMO, they really are sub-par in terms of quality...especially the handlebar, which I find has a very whack feeling. It's probably the sweep that feels wrong to me (and pretty much everybody). Get a Protaper and be happy! :)

It's already a really nice bike you've got there. There's no real need to pour tons of money into it.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 1, 2002
i agree with flipside, replace daredevil parts first, find lighter parts when replacing, then the wheels.

really though, go race, replace what gets bent or broken. your bike is fine the way it is up through expert level racing, your bike handling skills are more important.