888 "works" treatment help


Aug 28, 2007
Folsom, CA
I am thinking about trying to do the Marzocchi Works treatment to my 2007 888 RC2X VA. I am pretty mechanically inclined and am confident i can do it myself.

My first question is what is the best oil to use.

Second is i want to try a PTFE additive but am not sure what brand to use and have heard that it can clog.

Also how is Slick Honey used exactly in this treatment.

If you have any info that would me out help it would be much appreciated.



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Jan 7, 2005
The works treatment is a joke. The cartrages of the 888 are crimped closed and thus there is no way to do any kind of custom tuning to this fork. Best you can do on a 888 is turn knobs and change springs (whick certainly does not require a trip to marz and an emptying of your wallet). It is a glorified oil change.

I would suggest a good thorough dis-assembly (pull the bleed needles out of the rods, etc), and cleaning (if the oil is typical 888..maybe flush the cartrages and clean the inside of the outers with alcohol..)...clean seals/wipers and area, etc.

Pack the newly clean area between the seals and wipers with thin grease like slick honey or silicone grease.

Then rebuild with a good full synth oil like redline, silkolene in the propper viscosity (NOT weight!)...see here: http://www.peterverdonedesigns.com/lowspeed.htm

Oil volumes in the 888 help control bottoming, so that is another option. Depending on your weight, I would start on the low side of the range, and add 5ml if you are bottoming excessively.


Jun 24, 2004
I think the "Works" treatment when new meant polished and sized bushings and tuned oil levels/springs for the rider's weight/bike/preference.

I'm not sure what the op is considering, but give the fork an oil change and go ride. 7.5w Gold Spectro will do the job nicely.


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Jul 10, 2001
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However I just spent some money on an overhaul on my Works, and the additive was pretty pricey. What in fact is the "Works" additive?

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May 9, 2004
there is a long thread over on MTBR about "888 works" stuff you can do at home.......there are a couple good ideas in there.......

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Dec 28, 2007
Santa Barbara
I just rebuilt my 888 after reading the MTBR thread and it was pretty easy. The PTFE treatment is good from what I have read, but I couldn't find anything so left it out. The temps generated by a fork are nothing compared to what PTFE (slick 50 etc) go through in an engine without clogging due to heat etc so I wouldn't worry about it. I swapped in 7.5 wt oil and judy buttered the bushings. Feels like a new fork.


Jun 9, 2006
originally, the "works" treatment was an upgrade to pre-rc2x forks, where they added a sleeve that covered up some holes during compression damping...essentially custom tuning compression damping for huxxorx. they also added a teflon additive to the oil and coated the seals in a teflon lube. finished it off with krome puffy 888 stickers.

nowadays, you got RC2X and RC3 where you can tune compression damping with an external knob. so, all you really get with the works is the teflon additive and lubed seals.

when i rebuild my forks, i coat the dust and oil seals with slick honey...this butters up the fork pretty good.

as far as the italian-virgin-milk teflon...i don't know where to get any of that, but i'd check a moto store. just drop a half ounce of it into the oil and you're good to go.