888rc, Where is the cheapest online retailer?


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Sep 8, 2001
Victoria, BC
yeah there is a guy on Ebay who sells them new...cheapest I have seen so far....there was a monkey who bought one from him and raved about getting the bag and fast delivery but I can't remember who. Go into the lounge and perform a search using the word "Ebay"...D

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May 19, 2003
I scored mine on e-bay at the beginning of August for $699.99, brand new (05 888rc). They have to be lower than that now. Try a few different searches.



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Jan 25, 2003
VDfree said:
why not spend a couple $ more and support your local bike shop? If you have one close, that is.

And pay $300-400 more.

$699 is less than LBS cost. The LBS would have to buy 15-20 to sell them at that price.

I never buy parts from the LBS anymore. Go-Ride is my LBS


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Feb 19, 2003
The guy on Ebay was super cheap, plus you paid like $20 for shipping and no sales tax (which is big depending on what state you live in). For me Wheelworld has great prices, but they'll ding me $15-20 to ship and then another $30-40 on sales tax. It's still pretty cheap though either way.

You could get the fork from wheelworld for $699 + say shipping, then you'd have to get the lowrider crowns if that's what you're after (another $200-250), so now you're up to $950-1000 for a new, 888RC with low-rider crowns. The new RC2X or whatever is $1050 at Go-Ride and it comes with flat crowns already. So you really aren't saving that much money if you do the math.

But if you use the regular crowns then everythings fine, except your front end might get raked out more than it is already.